Logan Village, a rural/residential town and district in Beaudesert Shire, is 35 km south-east of central Brisbane and 28 km north-east of Beaudesert. A short distance east of the Logan River, it is crossed by several tributaries, the Quinzeh Creek being closest to the town. Further east (eight km) there is the Albert River.

Permanent European settlement spread through the Logan and Albert valleys in the 1860s-70s, and the Logan Village primary school was opened in 1872. In 1885 a branch line was opened from Bethania Junction on the South Coast railway, and three years later it was extended from Logan Village to Beaudesert. The post office directory (1902) recorded the Logan Village Hotel, the school, some timber-getters, 15 farmers (three of German origin) and Herman and Otto Wendt, butchers. Not recorded, was the newly built State primary school (1900) which was a high-set, two-room timber building now listed on the Queensland heritage register. Logan Village was described in the 1903 Australian handbook:

In 1915 Logan Village itself became a railway junction when Lahey Bros Sawmills built a tramway to Tamborine and Canungra to bring out timber. The tramway carried mixed freight until 1955 when it was closed. Logan Village was still a rural district: about half the farmers in 1949 were recorded as dairying, as produce could be railed to the Kingston butter factory; and about one-fifth of the farm families had German surnames.

The railway line was closed in 1996 and re-opened between Logan Village and Beaudesert as a tourist attraction a few years later. Fire damage has delayed the railway's continuation.

Logan Village is predicted to become a growing district, situated on the Waterford-Tamborine Road. Its present boundaries give it an east-west distance of about 9 km. It has local shops, two public halls, a primary school, golf links, several parks, an historical centre and a library. There is an historic cemetery south of the town, unfortunately next door to the town tip. An industrial area is on the west of the business centre.

Logan Village's census populations have been:

Census Date Population
1891 61
1901 149
1933 131
1961 136
2006 3362
2011 3586

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