Loganholme, a south-eastern suburb of Logan City, adjoins the northern side of the Logan River. It is 28 km south-east of central Brisbane.

The Logan River was a barrier to farmers needing to travel between Beenleigh and the southern outskirts of Brisbane. There was a ferry crossing at Waterford, but another was needed further east. A ferry reserve was approved in 1867 in the vicinity of the present Pacific Highway crossing, and was known as the lower Logan or Holmes ferry. The place name seems to have evolved from the ferry crossing.

There was a short period of cotton growing in the early 1870s, superseded by sugar cane. The Logan sugar works (c1870), also known as the Loganholme mill, was on the northern bank of the Logan River next to the Brisbane to Beenleigh Road and the ferry.

In 1873 the one-room Loganholme school was opened with an enrolment of 37 children, considerably more than the initial enrolments of most village schools in the Logan district. A post office was opened three years later. Loganholme became a ferry crossing surrounded by small farms, with a post office and a school. When a toll bridge was built in 1931 the farmers had four toll collectors, a café and a greengrocer as neighbours.

In the early 1970s the Logan region's urbanisation reached Loganholme. Equally important, increasing motor traffic led to an additional bridge crossing at the Pacific Highway (1967), and both were superseded by a multi-lane crossing in 1987. The Logan Motorway joins the Pacific Highway two kilometres north of the river, the intersection's cloverleaf having a diameter of half a kilometre.

Urban Loganholme has three sectors: west of the Pacific Highway, where there are local shops, the school and the Alexander Clark Park on a tongue of space bounded by the River; east of the highway, an industrial area and low-lying land; and several kilometres north-west, a tapering area ending with Loganholme Shopping Village (1980). Prior to October 2005 the Riverlakes Golf Course and the adjoining residential area (Cornubia) were in Loganholme.

Loganholme's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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