Loganlea, a residential suburb, is four km south-east of Logan Central and 25 km south-east of central Brisbane. It is situated between the Logan River and its tributary, Scrubby Creek.

Loganlea has a railway station on the South Coast line (1885), and the suburb once included the part north of the line which was detached and named Meadowbrook in 1991.

A suburb of the 1970s-80s, Loganlea before then was a farming community. The post office directory of 1925 recorded a post office, the Club Hotel and several farmers. In the early postwar years most farmers went in for dairying, being only a short distance from the butter factory, near the Kingston railway station.

As well as having a railway, Loganlea has access ways to the Logan Motorway. Loganlea high school (1981) is in the east of the suburb, south of Logan TAFE and Logan Hospital which are in Meadowbrook.

There is local shopping in Haig Street in the centre of Loganlea, and more extensive facilities to the south (Waterford West's Waterford Plaza) and to the west (Marsden Park).

Loganlea's census populations have been:

 areaCensus DatePopulation
(including Meadowbrook)

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