Margate, a Moreton Bay suburb on the Redcliffe peninsula, is 27 km north-east of central Brisbane. It was the name of two of the numerous 'housing estate' subdivisions on the peninsula in the 1880s, and the Margate No 1 and No 2 estates were in the vicinity of Lahore Park, Woody Point.

The Moreton Bay ferry and steamer services called at the Woody Point and Redcliffe jetties, and hotels, guest houses and town facilities formed around those locations. Margate's development awaited the early 1900s, probably beginning with the building of the Humpybong State school (1909) on a site that was agreed to be central to most of the settled parts of the peninsula. The next year Margate secured a small portion of the tourist trade with the opening of the Torville holiday house at the corner of Webb and Bank Streets.

The Margate Renown Theatre in Ernest Street, on the Margate Hill, was opened in 1940. It functioned as a cinema, concert hall and ball room. By then proximity of boat jetties was not important, as motor traffic from the Hornibrook Highway and war time services personnel stationed at Redcliffe patronised Margate. It also had the best beaches, Suttons and Margate.

West of Victoria Avenue there were empty acres until the postwar years. The area was known as Victoria Heights at least until the late 1960s, but that place name has been absorbed by Margate and Clontarf.

Margate has a foreshore parade and a reserve, two churches and a shopping centre in Oxley Avenue and Duffield Road, one block back from the beach. Margate's census populations have been:

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