Many of Maryborough's suburbs are undefined by fixed boundaries, although Tinana and Granville, across the Mary River from Maryborough, can be readily identified. They have their own entries. Maryborough's other suburbs are as follows.

Aubinville, north-west of the city centre, where the airport is located. There are heritage-listed World War II air force facilities on the west of the airfield.

Baddow, on the north side of the Mary River five km west of the city centre was the place of first European settlement. It was found to be unsuitable for river traffic, causing the township to be moved downstream. Edgar Aldridge (1818-88), an original settler, built Baddow House at 366 Queen Street in 1883, and named the home after his birth place, Little Baddow, in Essex, England.

There are two riverside parks, one the first-settlement site, and the Riverside Christian College (1983), a P-12 school with campus and distance education students.

Fairfield, three km north-west of the city centre, is the site of Maryborough's second high school, Aldridge (1973). Beyond the high school there is a rifle range.

Maryborough West adjoins the north side of Baddow. It has the Maryborough cemetery, the showground and the Wide Bay and Maryborough TAFE. Census populations for Maryborough West have been:

census datepopulation

The Pocket, enclosed on three sides by the Mary River, is immediately east of the city centre. It is reached via Kent Street, which passes by the wharf area where there are two heritage-listed hotels and a former Government office building and bond store. A riverside railway line crosses the Granville Bridge and ends at the Maryborough Sugar Factory (1895). The local Albert primary school was opened in 1883.

Census data for most of these suburbs is unavailable because of the absence of defined boundaries.

Granville, Maryborough and Tinana entries

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