Meadowbrook is a residential suburb immediately north of Loganlea in Logan City. It is bounded on the south by the Gold Coast railway line and on the others by Scrubby Creek, Slacks Creek and the Logan River.

Originally part of Loganlea, Meadowbrook was part of a farm community. Armstrong Road, running east from the railway station, was named after an early family which donated land for a Wesleyan church. The district's farms railed dairy and farm produce to the Kingston butter factory or to Brisbane's markets.

In the mid-1980s the Meadowbank housing estate was released for sale, between Loganlea Road and the Logan City golf course. Development soon followed nearer the railway station, with the Loganlea TAFE campus (1988) and the adjoining Logan Hospital (1990).

With waterways on three sides of the suburb, there was ample scope for parks and reserves. In addition to the golf course next to Slacks Creek, there are a picnic ground and Riverdale (first named Meadowbank) Park next to the Logan River. The Logan campus of Griffith University was opened in 1998. It adjoins the Logan Motorway, which bisects Meadowbrook.

In 1991 Meadowbrook was formally named and detached from Loganlea. It was probably named after Meadowbrook Drive in the first housing estate. Meadowbrook's census populations have been:

census datepopulation

At the 2011 census the median age of its residents was 31 years, compared with 37 years for Australia. Whilst tertiary education facilities are in close proximity, the nearest State primary and secondary schools are in Slacks Creek and Loganlea respectively.


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