Moffat Beach is a coastal suburb of Caloundra, two km north-east of Caloundra's city centre. It was named after James Moffat who purchased all the land between Moffat Head and the golf course, northwards from William Street to Cooroora Street in Dicky Beach, in 1882.

When Caloundra had fewer than 20 families, the Sea Glint guesthouse was built in 1888 in the vicinity of William and Derby Streets. The beach, however, was open to adverse weather, and Kings Beach attracted more holiday-makers and development. During World War II Moffat Beach had gun emplacements and barbed-wire defences.

In 1950 the Dicky Beach surf life-saving club house was built, and members provided part-time patrols at Moffat Beach. In 1957 the Loch picture theatre was opened.

Moffat Beach's most prominent landmark is the headland, around which numerous holiday apartments are clustered. A local shopping centre is nearby. There is swimming in the protected Tooway Creek (Lake), which is the northern boundary of Moffat Beach. The small suburb of Shelly Beach is between Moffat Beach and most of the coastline, and there is an industrial area next to the golf course. Houses vary in age, from Queenslanders to low-set, and about 70% of the dwellings are detached. Prices are less than in Shelly Beach.

Moffat Beach's census populations have been:

census datepopulation

At the 2011 census the median age of residents was 43 compared with 37 for Australia.



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