Mount Lofty, a residential suburb, is 2.5 km north-east of central Toowoomba. The actual summit lies a short distance east of the dividing range's descending escarpment. There are television transmission facilities and a lookout on the summit, and Jubilee Park is on the descending area.

The Mount Lofty summit, known as Katoomba Point, is in the adjoining suburb of Prince Henry Heights, and is reached by Prince Henry Drive. The road was named after the son of Britain's King George V, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester. The naming probably occurred in or soon after 1935, when Prince Henry toured Australia during Melbourne's centenary celebrations.

Jellicoe Street has the University of Queensland's external studies campus and the Toowoomba High School, built there in 1960 to take the students formerly sharing space at the technical college (TAFE) in East Toowoomba. Other public facilities include the former Mount Lofty Hospital (now a nursing home) and a rifle range on the residential outskirts.

The area beyond the rifle range remains undeveloped, and extends about two km northward.

Census populations have been:

census datepopulation
 Mount LoftyPrince Henry Heights

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