Mundingburra is a residential suburb four km south-west of central Townsville. Its southern boundary is the Ross River, and its eastern boundary is the main road between central Townsville and the Ross River bridge. The road is lined with motels.

Mundingburra was named when an area between the motels strip and Wood Street was subdivided in 1877. It was mostly rural land, with the Rising Sun hotel (1875) on Ross River Road near Charters Towers Road. A rural primary school was opened just east of the hotel in 1884 and an Anglican church was opened just east of the hotel in 1902.

With the gradual urbanisation of Mundingburra it was transferred from Thuringowa shire to Townsville City in 1918. In 1936 St Joseph's Catholic primary school was opened next door to the State school. Housing in Mundingburra is pre- and postwar, with several modern designs being built in the 1960s, including butterfly roofs in Launder Street. The Cathedral School, formerly on a site next to St Anne's Anglican church, North Ward, transferred to the west of Mundingburra in 1958.

Mundingburra has supermarkets and shops in Ross River Road and Charters Towers Road. Parklands are extensive, including riverside reserves and Anderson Park with the botanic gardens and the 'Kokoda' swimming pool.

Mundingburra is also the name of the State parliamentary electorate for greater Townsville. It rose to prominence in 1996 when it was lost by Labor, a foretaste of the downfall of the Goss government.

Mundingburra's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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