Newport is a residential suburb on the south side of Deception Bay, Redcliffe district, 29 km north of central Brisbane. It was named after the Newport Waterways canal estate, and was excised from Scarborough and Kippa Ring in 2008.

In the late 1970s the first canals were created around Endeavour Esplanade, Australia Court and Courageous Court, immediately west of Scarborough. By the mid-1980s street directories showed an outline of all the proposed canals and streets as far west as Albatross Canal, the outlet to Deception Bay. (Albatross and Walker Creek canals were the boundary between Scarborough and Kippa Ring until 2008.)

Newport has a marina adjacent to Albatross Canal, the Mariner Plaza shopping centre in Griffith Road and Newport Park on its western edge. Land adjacent to Newport Park is reserved for further development, and further west the Kippa Ring wetland adjoins Deception Bay's marine park.

Newport's census population has been:

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