Normanby Shire (1890-1949) was immediately south-west of Ipswich. When formed as a local government division in 1890, Normanby had an area of 91 sq miles, based around the Normanby Plains and Mutdapilly. The name most probably was given as a compliment to the second Marquess of Normanby, Governor of Queensland, 1871-74. (Normanby Plains school at Mutdapilly was opened in 1874.)

Normanby division was formed by an excision from Mutdapilly division, yet had its offices in Mutdapilly village until 1904, when they transferred to Harrisville. Harrisville was on the railway line to Boonah. The change to Harrisville coincided with Normanby Shire acquiring parts of Mutdapilly and Goolman (Boonah) Shires. With an area of about 240 sq miles, Normanby Shire extended west from Harrisville to the Little Liverpool Range. It was outside the Ipswich coal and pottery region and was based on farming. Just before its amalgamation with Moreton Shire in 1946 Normanby Shire was described in the Australian Blue Book:

The shire's census populations were:

Census Date Population
1891 473
1901 426
1921 2412
1947 2194

Harrisville and Mutdapilly entries


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