Paradise Point, a residential suburb on the Gold Coast, is at the junctions of the Coombabah Creek and Coomera River, and the River and the Broadwater. It has water on three sides, and a short way beyond the waters are Hope Island, Coomera Island, Sovereign Islands and Ephraim Island. The last two are part of Paradise Point and comprise its most costly residential real estate.

In the mid-1960s Paradise Point was at the end of a northerly road from Labrador, and consisted of grids of unpaved streets and a boat harbour off the Coomera River. The grid immediately west of the boat harbour has been obliterated with a canal estate, a solution to an otherwise flood-prone subdivision. Further west, another grid of streets has been discarded, resulting in the Jabiru Island environmental park. The park is crossed by the through road to Hope Island.

In addition to Ephraim and Sovereign Islands, the other choice real estate is to be found in Hume Parade, overlooking Jabiru Island and Coomera River.

The shopping and community centre are on the Esplanade, back to Community Lane. A recreation reserve is a short way westwards, and the bowling club is further again. The best recreation space is the Broadwater foreshore reserve, replete with picnic facilities, play areas, safe swimming and a netted enclosure. There is also a pier and a bandstand. The shopping area includes numerous restaurants, and an alternative can be the foreshore BBQ facilities for locally caught fish.

Houses to the north of the community centre date from the 1970s. The comfortable cottages with permanent residents could become opportunities for renovation or redevelopment. The median age of Paradise Point residents is 47 years, compared with 37 for Australia.

Paradise Point's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation


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