Peregian Springs is a residential suburb on the Sunshine Coast, immediately west of Peregian Beach and Coolum Beach. Much of the residential area is designed around the private Peregian Springs Golf Course. Before being developed in the late 1990s, the Peregian Springs landscape resembled that in the Emu Swamp and Lake Weyba sections of the Noosa National Park. By retaining undeveloped parts of that landscape and including them with the golf course, Peregian Springs' promoters can claim nearly equal proportions of built-up and open spaces.

There is St Andrews Anglican College (2003) and, just beyond the suburb's northern boundary, there is Peregian Beach Community College (2002). In 2008 a drive-in centre with a supermarket and 15 shops was opened near the college. In 2010 Peregian Springs State school was opened to the south of the golf course. A short way east, across the Sunshine Motorway, there is the Coolum State high school (1985).

The census populations for Peregian Springs have been:

census datepopulation

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