Pimlico, a small inner suburb of Townsville, is four km south-west of the city centre. It was named after the Pimlico Estate offered for sale in the late 1880s, a subdivision bounded by Fulham Road, Kings Road, Palmerston Street and Grosvenor Street.

Little or no development followed upon the subdivisions: a population of only 77 was recorded in 1911. A considerable amount of housing was built in the interwar period, but substantial empty spaces were left over for postwar housing. A Church of England was removed from Hermit Park to Latchford Street in 1956 and Townsville's second high school (named Pimlico but in neighbouring Gulliver) was opened in 1959. The Mater Hospital, originally in West End, transferred to Fulham Road, Pimlico, in 1962.

The Castletown drive-in shopping centre (discount department store, two supermarkets and 80 other shops) was opened in 1981 on Pimlico's northern boundary, Woolcock Street. Linked to a river crossing, Woolcock Street is a busy road, as are Kings, Bayswater and Fulham Roads, all adjoining or passing through Pimlico.

Pimlico's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation


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