Pine Mountain is a rural/residential locality north-west of central Ipswich, extending north from the Warrego Highway to the Brisbane River near Lake Manchester, a distance of nine km. The topographical mountain (234m) is east of the Pine Mountain public hall near the corner of Pine Mountain and Russell Roads.

In 1884 a branch railway line from west of Ipswich to Lowood was opened, and the Pine Mountain station was west of the public hall. The post office directory (1911) recorded about 80 farmers and selectors at Pine Mountain, along with a hotel, a school, a sawmill and Sherlock's butter factory. The 1949 directory recorded fewer farmers.

Pine Mountain has residential development on its southern border, and its small civic centre comprises the hall, the fire brigade and a Catholic Church. There are also a bush reserve and a nature refuge. The census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation


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