The origins of Redbank Plains, now an outer suburb of Ipswich, are described under Redbank.

The 1874 opening of the Redbank railway station on the Brisbane to Ipswich railway inevitably led to commercial growth in the immediate vicinity of the station. Situated five km south of the station, Redbank Plains thus had only the typical features of a small country village: post office, State school (1874), and Catholic, Primitive Methodist and Wesleyan churches. The village was in the vicinity of the present primary school. There was a quarry east of the village and the Blackheath and other collieries to the west.

In the early 1960s the Redbank area began to urbanise, a process which later extended southwards, leading to the emergence of the new suburbs of Redbank Plains and Collingwood Park which adjoins it.

Redbank Plains measures about five km from north to south, a relatively large area compared with considerably smaller areas for earlier Ipswich suburbs. Apart from Redbank Plains State primary school, there is a State high school (1987), adjacent to a large recreation area. Redbank and Kruger State primary schools are a short way beyond the border of Redbank Plains.

In 2013 the State government announced the building of a new primary school at Redbank Plains as part of 10 new schools to be built in high-growth areas under a private-public partnership model, with the private companies responsible for maintaining the school for up to 30 years.

Shopping centres are found on the eastern border of Redbank Plains. The census populations of Redbank Plains have been:

census datepopulation

Redbank Plains State School, centenary 1874-1974: souvenir booklet, Redbank Plains, Redbank Plains State School, 1974

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