Riverhills, a residential suburb, is 15 km south-west of central Brisbane. It is reached by the Centenary Highway (1964) but postdates the 'centenary suburbs' of Jindalee and Jamboree Heights. The name was proposed by the housing developer, Centenary Estates Pty Ltd in 1972.

Riverhills was developed in conjunction with Middle Park and Westlake, and shares the shoreline of the Pullen reach of the Brisbane River with the latter suburb. The Westlake – Riverhills Bushcare Group (c1992) is a voluntary body for preservation of riverfront bushland.

Riverhills predates the formation of the Bushcare Group by about twenty years. Its first housing area was around Bogong Street, where there is a local shopping area. Later housing, to the west, is interspersed with neighbourhood open spaces, and there is a large public park along Wolston Creek, the suburb's southern border.


In January 2011 the Brisbane River entered the three linear parks running inland from the shoreline, but went beyond the green spaces into adjoining houses.

Riverhills' census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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