Riverview, a residential and industrial suburb at the junction of the Bremer and Brisbane Rivers, is 10 km north-east of central Ipswich and 23 km from Brisbane. Across the Brisbane River is Moggill, reached by ferry at the end of Moggill Ferry Road which runs from Riverview railway station.

The station is on the Ipswich railway line, and when just a stopping place (1875) the station was named Moggill Ferry. Six years later the station was named Riverview.

The locality is north and east of Dinmore where there were several potteries and collieries, and it was mostly settled for agricultural uses and a Salvation Army training home for boys (1893).

In the early post World War II years the post office directory recorded a general store and a motor garage on the Warrego Highway at Riverview. Urban settlement was around Moggill Ferry Road but later increasingly south of the highway where the State primary school (1977) and the St Peter Claver Catholic College (1976) were opened. There are also Lutheran and Romanian Orthodox churches. The boys' training home was north of the highway toward Bremer Junction. It was replaced by a facility for treating alcoholics and then a Salvation Army retirement village and a housing estate (1990s). To the west of the estate there is a large abattoir and animal products facility run by Australian Meat Holdings. The river amenity around Riverview was improved in 2002 with a new rendering plant and reduced waste and odour discharges.

Floods 2011

In January 2011 Bremer Junction was flooded, with water advancing to the edge of Riverview Gardens. The railway stayed above water, unlike Moggill Ferry Road, Riverview’s motorised access.

The census populations of Riverview have been;

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