Sinnamon Park, a residential suburb, is 12 km south-west of Brisbane. Situated between the Centenary Highway and Seventeen Mile Rocks, it was detached from that suburb in 1989. The early history is described under Seventeen Mile Rocks which was farmed by the Sinnamon family for over 100 years.

The Sinnamons erected a Methodist church in 1880, and in 1977 the Wesley Central Mission opened the Sinnamon Retirement Village. In the 1980s Jennings Industries built the Sinnamon Park housing estate and a Sinnamon Park Progress Association was formed. With a population greatly in excess of adjoining rural Seventeen Mile Rocks, the suburb of Sinnamon Park was detached and formally named in 1989. Sinnamon Park's house numbers doubled during 1991-2004. The Windermere housing estate, east of the Centenary Bridge, and immediately south of the Brisbane River, has most of the suburb's recent and higher-priced houses. A linear reserve flanks the river's shoreline. The Sinnamon family replaced their bark and shingle chapel on Seventeen Mile Rocks Road in 1888, and the small chamfer-board building holding just twelve pews, an harmonium, dais and pulpit is listed on the Queensland heritage register. Part of the family's farm property, with various buildings and the original Rocks school, is also heritage-listed.

Sinnamon Park has a local shopping centre, and there are the Mount Ommaney shopping centre, the Jindalee shopping mall and a Homemaker centre just outside its western boundary.


Flooding in Sinnamon Park in January 2011 precisely followed the open-space floodways. Whilst extensive, the flood waters barely touched adjoining houses and buildings. The site of a proposed retirement village in Oldfield Road, however, got wet feet.

Sinnamon Park's census populations have been:

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