Slacks Creek, an inner northern suburb of Logan City, is 22 km south-east of central Brisbane. It is named after the stream which meanders through the suburb, joining the Logan River a little beyond the suburb's south-east limit. The creek was apparently named after William Slack, the holder of an early grazing licence.

During its rural period, which ran until the 1960s, Slacks Creek included the suburb of Springwood on the north-eastern side of the Pacific Highway.

The well watered land grew extensive hardwood forests from which were cut sleepers for the South Coast railway line (1885). In turn, the cleared land was good for dairying, which was stimulated by the opening of the Kingston butter factory a few kilometres to the south west. A provisional school was opened in 1873 and an Anglican church in 1901.

Being situated between the railway line and the Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek was included in the reticulated electricity grid in 1946, a sure stimulus for residential development in the early 1950s. A progress association was formed in 1955, and five years later the progress hall was opened. Catholic and Methodist churches were opened in the 1960s. During 1966-86 the census populations of Slacks Creek grew from fewer than 1000 to over 11,000 people. Springwood was severed from the locality in 1969.

Slacks Creek has State primary and secondary schools (1974, 1984). (Slacks Creek primary school is in Daisy Hill.) There are extensive open space reserves along the waterway, including sports fields (Meakin Park) and an environmental park. Shopping centres are beyond Slacks Creek's periphery, at Logan Central and Springwood Mall (1986), although there is a bulky-goods retail site on the Pacific Motorway. There are industrial areas along the motorway and in the north of Slacks Creek.

The census populations of Slacks Creek have been:

Census DatePopulation

H.F. Kesteven, 1865-1965 Slack's Creek, nd

Slacks Creek State School Centenary 1873-1973, Slacks Creek, The School, c1973

Springwood entry


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