Steiglitz is a semi-rural village on Pimpama Island, adjoining the Main Channel in South Moreton Bay. It is 16 km east of Beenleigh.

Beenleigh and Pimpama were settled by numerous German families, including the Kleinschmidt family who ran a sugar mill here and a wharf. They were from Steiglitz in Germany. The Rocky Point sugar mill (1879) is on the western boundary of Steiglitz, and it was started by the Heck family who came from Germany in 1866. The mill began ethanol production in 1991. In 1894 a break-away group of Lutheran families erected St John's church in Steiglitz. The church continued until 1959 when it united with the Bethlehem Lutheran Church (1882) in Jacobs Well Road, at the south-west corner of Steiglitz.

East of the sugar mill there is Cabbage Tree Point, and in the 1960s the local land-owner, William Wilton, subdivided the area for the Wilton Estate. It is now the urban part of Steiglitz, with shops, a boat ramp and a lake. South of Cabbage Tree Point there are marina facilities with space set aside for residential development.

North of Cabbage Tree Point there are a coastal conservation park and prawn farms.

Steiglitz had census populations of:

census datepopulation

Nearly 12% of residents at the 2011 census were recorded as belonging to the Lutheran faith, a figure ten times the national proportion.

Robin Kleinschmidt, Stegelitz to Steiglitz: the story of the Kleinschmidt family in Germany and Australia, Rochedale South, Qld, 2011

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