Stones Corner, an inner suburban locality at the junction of Logan and Old Cleveland Roads, is three km south-east of central Brisbane. Formerly a discrete suburb, it is now part of Greenslopes.

The locality was originally known as Burnett Swamp, a name vindicated when flood waters backed up Norman Creek and inundated most of Stones Corner in 1893.

An allotment bounded by Old Cleveland Road, Logan Road, Cornwall Street and Rialto Street was sold in 1857. Subdivided in 1875, a small triangular 0.4 ha at the corner of the two main roads was sold to James Stone who erected a slab hut to sell refreshments to travellers. Both roads were busy thoroughfares, but Stone was unable to get a liquor licence. He sold the site in 1887 at a 25 fold profit, and the new owner erected the two storey (licensed) Junction Hotel. The oldest building extant, its age is exceeded only by the place name, and it has also adopted the place name, Stones Corner Hotel. A post office was opened in 1889.

In 1902 a tram service from Woolloongabba, along Logan Road to Stones Corner, began operation. That, and the hotel, may account for reports of larrikin behaviour later in the year. Tram services along Old Cleveland Road to Coorparoo and along Logan Road to Greenslopes began in 1914, making the corner a busy location for passing trade. Retailing was most intense along the south-west side of Logan Road by the early 1920s. It now occupies both sides of Logan Road which has been landscaped and fitted with traffic calming devices. Not quite a pedestrian mall, it came about from a proposal in 1980 by the local Chamber of Commerce. On the arterial approaches to Stones Corner several industrial sites have been given over to bulky goods retailing, motor dealers and offices. The corner hotel has been refitted with pastel coloured no-frills facades.

Stones Corner is a mixed-use area. Residents have a local preschool and kindergarten centre, but schools are further afield at Woolloongabba and Greenslopes State primaries and at the Catholic St James and Villanova schools in Coorparoo. Local parks are along Norman Creek, and the bowling club is in Old Cleveland Road next to Langlands Park.

Stones Corner recorded a census population of 531 in 1921.

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