Taigum, a residential suburb west of Boondall, is 11 km north-east of central Brisbane. It is bordered on its west and north sides by Cabbage Tree Creek, and its southern border is Beams Road, Zillmere. The name of the suburb, originally expressed as Tygham, was derived from an Aboriginal expression describing the Cabbage Tree Creek. The suburb was originally known as Zillmere North, and a primary school was opened in 1957. Its name was changed from Zillmere North to Taigum in 1993, 18 years after the area was formally named Taigum.

Beginning in the 1970s, Taigum's first housing was south-west of the intersection of Rogham and Muller Roads. When the population was about 1200 a drive-in shopping centre on Beams Road was opened (1982). It has a discount department store, a supermarket and 62 shops. Like the school, it has Zillmere as a catchment. Conversely, a Catholic school (1954) in the north of Zillmere similarly shares Taigum.

In the 2000s about a quarter of Taigum remained undeveloped, particularly around the nursing homes constructed by the Anglican Church and the former St Martin's Hospital (1962, 1982). Taigum's census populations have been:

 Census DatePopulation
Taigum including Fitzgibbon19861443

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