Tamaree is a rural locality on the North Coast railway seven km north of Gympie. The origin of the name is apparently unrecorded.

There is extensive forest north-east of Tamaree, from where the north branch of Deep Creek flows. There was farming along the creek, and Tamaree was associated with the North Deep Creek locality. Both Tamaree and North Deep Creek had small primary schools, c1920s-60s. In 1924 the post office directory recorded six dairy farmers, three other farmers, three timber getters and the station master. Most of the timber was cut for the Tamaree lime works.

In the 1930s Tamaree's population was boosted by itinerant Depression workers going north in search of employment: the Gympie railway yards were closely guarded for non-fare-paying travellers, but the first stop (Tamaree) gave them a chance to jump on board.

After World War II there were 25 dairy farmers recorded, 18 at North Deep Creek. There were also a few fruit growers. Tamaree was also a holding area for railway rolling stock that could not be stabled at Gympie. Unconnected with this, two intrastate trains collided at Tamaree in 1947, causing eight deaths.

Tamaree's proximity to Gympie has resulted in rural/residential settlement. Tamaree's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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