Taranganba, a suburb of Yeppoon, is three km south-east of the town centre. It was named after the Taranganba pastoral station, taken up by Robert Ross in the 1860s.

Ross ran the property as a pastoral fiefdom, even subdividing part of it for a town, Lamermoor, in the 1880s. There is now a suburb, spelled Lammermoor, between Taranganba and the coast. More famously, Ross provoked a gold rush at Taranganba (1886), aided by the mining engineer, James Robertson, who wildly overestimated the ore reserves. Ross did well out of his sale of mining shares, and the mining failure was subsequently described as the Taranganba swindle; the substitution of Mount Morgan ore was suspected. There was a mining camp with 200 or more people in 1888.

Modern Taranganba dates from the 1990s, with the Cedar Park shopping centre, TAFE and the State primary school (1993). By 2013 it had 776 pupils. Ross Creek is the suburb's north-west boundary and considerable land remained undeveloped in the mid-2000s.

Taranganba's census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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