Before March 2008 the Townsville region comprised Townsville City and, to the city's north and west, Thuringowa City. The boundary between them was the Ross River as far as Townsville's suburbs, and then an imaginary line east of Thuringowa Central towards the coast. Thuringowa City had a string of suburbs and localities along the coast and the Bruce Highway, extending northwards to Rollingstone. Proceeding from Thuringowa's built-up area there are: Jensen, Burdell, Deeragun, Bushland Beach, Mount Low, Rangewood, Alice River, Black River, Yabulu, Bluewater, Saunders Beach, and Bluewater Park.

Those localities without individual entries include:

north of the Bruce Highway. Named formally in 1991, Burdell has the Bohlevale State primary school and adjoins Deerangun on the south side of the Bruce Highway. Census population is predicted to rise quickly with a Stockland residential estate, a Council aquatic centre and a proposed shopping centre.
south of the Bruce Highway. Named formally in 2003.
Black River
both sides of the Bruce Highway. Named after John Black (1830-1919), Townsville settler, pastoralist and merchant. The river joins the Alice River.
north of the Bruce Highway and named after Bluewater Creek. Named formally in 1991. Its State primary school opened in 1957, and there are a general store and a camping area. Bluewater adjoins the coastal subdivision named Saunders Beach.
Bluewater Park
south of the Bruce Highway. Named formally in 1991.

Census populations have been:

Black River14791522
Bluewater Park961903


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