Upper Caboolture, a mainly rural/residential district but with a suburban area on its eastern boundary, is immediately west of Morayfield. It extends westwards for 4 km, enclosing the Caboolture River and the tributary Sheep Station Creek.

The Caboolture pastoral run (1850) was north-west of the junction of the Waraba Creek and the Caboolture River, and a settlement at Upper Caboolture predated the survey of the Caboolture township in 1869.

The post office directory in 1915 recorded a mail contractor, four timber getters and several farmers (mainly dairy) at Upper Caboolture. In 1949 the directory recorded more farmers, 23 of whom were in dairying and 14 who grew bananas. Rocksberg and Moorina, adjoining localities, supplied schooling for Upper Caboolture's children.

Upper Caboolture's residential area between the river and the eastern end of Caboolture River Road dates from the early 1990s and has a local shopping area. Travelling west along the road there is the Upper Caboolture Farmers' hall in the Carseldine Family Reserve.

At the headwaters of Sheep Station Creek there is an environmental park of that name. It has scarce remnant tree species, but its 230 ha have suffered from over-use and illegal vehicle access.

Upper Caboolture's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation
(residential part)
(rural part)

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