Waterford West is a residential suburb in Logan City, immediately west of the Logan River and Waterford. Loganlea and the Gold Coast railway are to its north.

Waterford was the area first settled by Europeans, but a ferry from there to Waterford West, across the Logan River near today's Brisbane-Beenleigh Road, started in about 1863. There was a farm settlement around Tygum Lagoon, and an ill-fated land subdivision defined by today's Wharf and William Streets in 1865. The Tygum sugar mill (1870) was built on the subdivision.

The Morning Star (now Club) Hotel (1871) was built at the corner of Brisbane-Beenleigh and Loganlea Roads, and the Logan River was bridged in 1876. Forty years later the bridge was replaced by a concrete structure, and the latest one dates from 1954.

Residential development began in Waterford West in the 1970s. The primary school opened in 1976, and the Marsden High school in the extreme west of the suburb opened in 1987. A drive-in theatre was built in 1974 on Logan Road Reserve, near Beutel Street. Shopping is provided in Loganlea Road and at Waterford Plaza opposite the Club Hotel.

Waterford West's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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