Weyba Downs is a rural/residential locality 10 km south of Noosa. It is immediately south and west of Lake Weyba, the southern-most of three lakes – Cootharaba, Cooribah and Weyba. The first two are connected by the Noosa River, and Cooribah is connected to Weyba by the Weyba Creek. There is evidence that the creek was once an extension of the Noosa River, which entered the ocean from Lake Weyba. 'Weyba' is thought to be derived from an Aboriginal expression denoting the stingray or, less probably, the flying squirrel.

A small watercourse entering Lake Weyba's southern shoreline is known as Murdering Creek. It is thought that it signifies a serious massacre of local Aborigines in the 1860s or 1870s, shortly before the Yandina pastoral run was taken up.

Weyba Downs was formally named in 1991. It includes part of the Noosa National Park and koala habitats. To its east, in Peregian Beach, there is the Lake Weyba wetland section of the National Park. The Peregian Beach Community College (2002) is just inside the boundary between Weyba Downs and Peregian Beach.

In 2008 an application was made for a 1200 house-lot development on Monak and Murdering Creek Roads. It contradicted planning guidelines and was objected to on environmental grounds, and was called in for determination.

Weyba Downs' census populations have been:

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