Worongary and Tallai are adjoining rural/residential districts in the Gold Coast hinterland, immediately north and west of Mudgeeraba and 10 km west of Mermaid Beach.

Worongary is the more populous of the two, and it was a railway stopping place on the South Coast railway line (1903). It is thought that its name was derived from an Aboriginal word describing an indigenous vine or the flight of a pigeon. The Worongary Creek drains into the lakes in Clear Island Waters.

The more settled parts are found in the extreme north of Worongary, near Nerang, and the south of Tallai. Worongary was first subdivided for housing in 1979 and the local primary school was opened in 1993. The more spread-out acreages in the middle of the district are distributed along roads that tend to run along ridges: views and cool breezes keep property values brisk. There are several reserves and there is a pony club at the showground on the boundary with Mudgeeraba. North of the showground there is the Worongary Village shopping centre (2004).

Tallai, closer to Mudgeeraba, tends to be that town's outer semi-residential area. It has a golf course on its Worongary boundary. Property prices in both districts can be over one million dollars for houses in the premier locations.

Census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation
2006 55703755
2011 55743765

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