Wynnum West, a post World War II suburb, is 13 km east of central Brisbane. It was gazetted as a separate suburb in 1975. The railway line to Wynnum runs in a northerly loop through Lindum and Wynnum North, leaving Wynnum West adrift from rail transport. Lindum is now included in Wynnum West.

When the Wynnum West primary school opened in 1922 its 57 pupils came mostly from rural families. Thirty-five years later, when the Catholic Church started Iona College next to the Lindum State school, its first intake was taught in an old farmhouse set in 32 acres of farm land.

The post office directory in 1949 listed a few businesses in Wynnum West: two grocers, a joinery works, a mixed business and the Rex Service Station. In Lindum there were a couple of dairies and poultry farms, and a Baptist church. With the growth of the Wynnum district's population, it has become the main centre for the Baptist community. Another example of decentralisation to Wynnum West arose from the limits on retail growth in Wynnum Central, and Wynnum Plaza (opposite Wynnum West school) was opened in 1980. It has a discount department store, two supermarkets and nearly 60 other shops.

Wynnum West's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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