Bli Bli

Bli Bli, a town on the Maroochy River, is 95 km north of central Brisbane and 6 km inland from Maroochydore. It is thought that its name derives from an Aboriginal expression 'billai billai', referring to a swamp oak.

Bli Bli is in the heart of a sugar cane growing region, close to both Maroochy Wetlands and the Petrie Creek. William Peter Clark, a timber leaseholder, first experimented with sugar cane growing near Bli Bli in the mid-1860s. Twenty years later several sugar cane farms were surveyed and taken up.

Further Reading: 

Berenis Alcorn, A century of achievements: Bli Bli State School 1901-2001, Maroochydore, Bli Bli State School Parents and Citizens Committee, 2001


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