Chatsworth is a rural village and locality 10 km north-west of Gympie. Immediately west of Chatsworth is the Glastonbury locality, and the Glastonbury village site is 17 km west of Gympie. Within the Glastonbury locality is The Palms rural/residential area, 10 km west of Gympie.

Chatsworth appears to predate Glastonbury by a year or so. There was a goldrush at Chatsworth in 1869, and Glastonbury was the site of a roadside inn on Glastonbury Creek in 1871. The origins of the names are apparently unrecorded. Glastonbury emerged as the more prominent place name when the Glastonbury local-government division was formed in 1879. It adjoined the Gympie goldfield but was only 122 sq miles in area, and was absorbed by Widgee division in 1894 when its population was 3000.

There were a briefly worked Glastonbury goldfield (1886-87), a primary school (1879-1960), a public hall, a Catholic church and a racecourse. Population growth was strong in the 1920s-30s with banana-growing and dairying. Chatsworth's primary school was opened in 1900 by local member and future Prime Minister Andrew Fisher. It also had a hall, and prolific banana growing.

The Palms rural/residential area dates from the late 1970s.

Glastonbury has retained a substantial rural character. Chatsworth's employment is in the secondary and service sector. Its primary school has a wide catchment.

Census populations have been:

The Palms---575711865

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