Strathpine, situated between the easterly-flowing North Pine and South Pine Rivers, is 20 km north of Brisbane. The name was derived from the Gaelic 'strath' (river valley). Strathpine is on the Brisbane-Gympie Road where it is crossed by Four Mile Creek (a tributary of the South Pine River), which made it a minor stopping place for coach runs.

In 1888 Strathpine was made the administrative centre of the Pine local-government divisional board (forerunner of the shire), adding to a bakery and a rum distillery in the village. The northern railway line was also opened in that year. The divisional board's hall (1889) has been superseded by larger buildings, but it has been preserved for theatre performances and public gatherings and is listed on the Queensland heritage register. In 1910 Strathpine had two stores, a hotel, artisans and the distillery.

During World War II Strathpine was the site for Australian and American military camps, with an airfield near the present State primary (1911) and high (1964) schools on Spitfire Avenue. Urbanisation was evident in the 1960s and within 20 years Strathpine's population went from under 2000 to over 10,000 people. It has two main shopping centres, including a Westfield shopping complex (1983) with a department store, discount department stores and over 100 other shops.

Adjoining Strathpine, on the north side of Four Mile Creek, is the suburb of Bray Park. Like Strathpine, it has State primary (1973) and high (1987) schools, together with a Catholic primary school. Bray Park was named after a dairying family which settled there in 1900, and John Bray, who retired as Pine Rivers Shire chairman in 1973. Census populations have been:

Census datePopulation
 StrathpineBray Park
1981 5159

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