Wyreema is a rural town 15 km south-west of Toowoomba in the undulating eastern Darling Downs.

Wyreema was originally part of the large Eton Vale pastoral station, and began as a railway junction when a branch line to Pittsworth was opened in 1887. The point at which the Pittsworth line - then known as Beauaraba - joined the main southern line to Warwick was called Beauarba Junction. In 1892 the name was changed to Wyreema. The name's origin is not recorded, but does not have an Aboriginal origin.

A school was opened at Wyreema in 1895, as there had been considerable closer-settlement following the resumption and subdivision of Eton Vale for farm selection. Farms were mostly 40 to 160 acres, nearly all used for dairying. More of the Eton Vale estate was cut up for sale in 1903, and township blocks at Wyreema sold strongly. In 1915 a direct railway line to Toowoomba, avoiding the long journey via Gowrie Junction, was opened from Wyreema. The township became a four-way junction, with a large community of rail employees. The school's enrolment touched 100.

A milk condensary was opened in 1913, continuing until 1927 when it was converted to a cheese factory. During the 1920s Wyreema had a hotel, three stores, a hall and Anglican and Catholic churches.

With the rationalisation of milk processing plants the cheese factory was closed in 1935. When the hotel was burnt down in 1959 it was not rebuilt, the loss coinciding with the closure of the railway line to Gowrie Junction.

Like other towns in the region, Wyreema's proximity to Toowoomba made it a suitable location for cheaper housing and subdivisions for rural-residential living, which began in the 1980s. Whilst the influx of population has not significantly added to the town's facilities - the main ones being a general store, recreation reserve and the primary school - population growth has been considerable. In 2013, however, the State government announced plans to close nine schools including Wyreema State School.

Wyreema's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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